Is my foot broken I need help please?

Answer Even a doctor inspecting your foot would not diagnose it as broken without an xray. This is the wrong place to ask for medical advice. Get yourself to a hospital or clinic.

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Broken foot!!! Please help am going to the doctors tomorrow?

You wouldn't walk if was broken, so since you managed to walk for two years i say you done some tissue damage, but unsure if the DR'S can do anything about it now since it has been a very long time... Read More »


Put ice on it and rest for about a week, keep it fresh and clean. It should go away after a week.I used to play soccer, this happened to me many times.

Do you need to wrap a broken foot with an ace bandage?

A broken foot needs to be wrapped or splinted until you are able to get to the doctor and get it X-Rayed. If it is truly broken, it will need to be put in a cast for a while. For additional First A... Read More »

I really need help with my phone please please please?

maybe your phone have an auto set that all your message that u send has sent.. the problem maybe his signal low.. or maybe your phone got problem..