Is my ear swollen the ear hole is a little black?

Answer go c ur doc

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What is it when a foot gets very swollen and toes turn black and the foot is very swollen and black and blue?

It could be gangrene. Take her to the doctor/hospital immediately!!!!! My grandfather lost his leg after one of his toes turned black.

If you have a hole in your tooth is it normal to have symptoms such as your jaw hurts and your ears head neck and tongue are swollen?

Answer Ni it is NOT normal, pain and swelling are NEVER normal. It is probably caused by an infection getting in through the hole in your tooth. If you don't get it treated by a dentist IMMEDIATE... Read More »

What is the first aid treatment for a swollen/black eye?

Apply ice and gentle pressure to the area around the affected eye. OTC NSAIDs would be beneficial to help with the general discomfort and swelling. Have your sister seek medical attention if you no... Read More »

Swollen face and two black eyes...?

Sounds like you may have broken your nose. Two black eyes are a common result of a broken nose. You need to see your doctor.