Is my ear infected Please help!!!!!?

Answer It sounds infected, if not treated with antibiotics, the infection will spread and this can be very very dangerous, go see a doctor, or go see the person who pierced them.

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If you cannot swallow the tablets try breaking them into a powder using the back of a spoon and mix the powder with liquid and drink it. You can also soak your foot in a warm water and salt bath, o... Read More »

Infected swollen ear piercing! please help?

never get it done at claires. they use a gun and i used a gun when i first got my cartilage done and i was stupid. i bet your cartilage is broke hun because with a gun it pushes the tissues aside a... Read More »

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Human bites carry more risk than dog bites funnily enough.If there isn't any sign of the skin being broken you should treat it as a bruise but if the skin is broken you may need to seek further hel... Read More »

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