Is my ear drum ruptured Am I going deaf!?

Answer Close up the ear tightly with a finger for a while,about 3 or 4 min..then remove it..if that doesn't help..u need to see the doctor

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What is a ruptured ear drum?

Ruptured ear drum is a term used to describe a hole or perforation in the tympanic membrane, which separates the middle and outer ear and helps conduct the sound waves that provide normal hearing.C... Read More »

Ear drum ruptured. How long would it take to heal?

You get relief as soon as the course of antibiotics is finished.

Am i going deaf in one ear..?

Don't Freak Out! (:Its Probably A Quiet Room?Even I Go Through That Daily!(;Don't Pay Attention To It! YOU'LL be Aboulutely Fine;D

Am I going deaf in one ear?

Chances are its just sinus pressure. Can't do to much about it but I usually take some sinus relief pills, other then you just have to let it run its coarse.