Is my computer safe with just avg and firefox?

Answer No. It is not. You still need a firewall and antispyware.Use ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and Lavasoft Ad-Aware as antispyware.You could also use a complete Internet Security software, for example Como... Read More »

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How to Start Firefox in Safe Mode?

This section briefly describes the steps by which one can get into the safe mode of Mozilla.

What is Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode?

Troubleshooting issues you may experience with Mozilla Firefox should be attempted in Safe Mode. This mode allows you to disable any add-ons and tool bars that might be causing the problems you are... Read More »

How to Get Mozilla Firefox Out of Safe Mode?

Firefox's safe mode is a way to troubleshoot issues by disabling certain add-ons and extensions. However, you may find that your browser is stuck in this mode and cannot return to its normal state.... Read More »

Is it pretty safe to download Mozilla Firefox?

i didn't have any problem with it. i use it at work and i like it well enough, but i like the latest i.e. better; tho the newest version of firefox is very pretty. a lot of people swear by it. a... Read More »