Is my computer on it's last leg?

Answer "Should I just start saving for a new laptop? D"You answered ur own question :)

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How long do LCD computer moniters last?

Sometimes just 5-6 years but often longer. It highly depends on the brand and the quality of the product.

How long will a computer last?

Computer technology changes so rapidly that a brand new computer in 6 years is a dinosaur.If you have no use for that computer right now you better sell it.

Last nite I was on my computer,and all the words got larger?

this sometimes happens to me when I'm browsing using Opera.Opera has some shortcut keys, and for whatever reason I kept hitting them and making things big.To make things small again hold down Ctrl ... Read More »

So ... I did a system recovery on my computer last night?

I will star it and one my smart contacts will fix it for you..hehee good luck