Is my computer haunted?

Answer unplug it, if it still turns on...RUNNNif it doesnt, run an antivirus scanlol

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If I burn down my haunted house and build a new house, will my new house be haunted?

Haunted House?

spider-webs, broken windows, old, crooked window panes, black cat somewhere around the house... plus a light on somewhere inside of it for a little suspicion... ;)

Is my TV haunted by ghosts?

if you tv has a built in clock go to that menu and look for auto on feature. If you cannot find it either change the clock twelve hours later and see if it comes on at 10:00 AM, or unplug it from t... Read More »

Are you being haunted?

I'm not sure if I'm being haunted, but a lot of weird things are going on in my house. my dog barks every night, and i hear things in my bedroom. when its night i hear weird things outside.I am hau... Read More »