Is my computer even repairable at this point?

Answer It is a distinct possibility if you had Norton Utilities 15 And Norton 360 That everything could be tuned up to work perfectly again. And even if you had to reinstall Your O/S this software would k... Read More »

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Is my TV repairable, or is it dead?

Probably has the vertical output shot. The biggest cost to fixing televisions these days is labor. Sounds like it recognizes its own problem and is going into shut-down mode. A technician can pro... Read More »

How to Buy Damaged & Repairable Cars?

Because purchasing a new vehicle can be considerable expense, consumers are looking at all their options when buying a car, truck, or van. Many times, buyers invest in pre-owned vehicles at consid... Read More »

PC Dead after power surge, repairable?

almost certainly needs a new power unit, those are cheap and simple to change.BUT it might be worth taking PC to a repair place, explain what happened, ask if they have a test PSU they can try it w... Read More »

Is a 110 blue ray DVD player plugged into a 220 v still repairable?

"Yes, online tech support is available for help with most blu-ray players. You should go to the official website of the brand your blu-ray player is and look for tech support or a way to contact th... Read More »