Is my computer blocking all YouTube videos?

Answer The famous message "WE'RE SORRY THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE"is most often associated with stupid software that claims itcan virtually "accelerate" video buffering. This includes crap like GWA... Read More »

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What benefits can blocking other users on YouTube provide if you don't upload any videos.?

They cannot make comments on your "channel"or communicate with you by YouTube message.

Why does my computer not play online videos, except youtube videos?

It i an easy issue to solve, just install latest adobe flash player in your browser and you will not ind such an isuue again.You should have to reboot your browser after reinstalling the flash player.

Is it possible to get videos from youtube on to your computer?

Yes, download RealPlayer, open youtube video,highlight the video, a small pop up window will appear to ask you to download the video. It will automatically be save on the documents video folder.

My computer is not playing youtube videos Y?

Maybe your browser doesn't open them, What you should try doing is downloading a different browser like mozzilla firefox or google chrome, that would work for sure.