Is my computer alright please answer?

Answer Corrupted files, lost game saves, shouldn't be a big problem.

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Alright... this is a serious question and i will award 10 points to the answer i deem best :)?

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Alright seriously..i hate this computer..?

Does ur camera have a loading dock, or a memory card.Loading dock: insert the cable into a usb flashdrive, then an icon will appear, asking wat u want to do with it. If u have a loading dock, a pro... Read More »

Is it alright to leave the computer open for days?

There was a story Jay Leno used to tell about his parents. When Jay first started his show it was on at 11:30 p.m. and his parents would go to bed at 10. So he bought them a VCR and set it up to re... Read More »

Is it alright to restart or shut down a computer with USB devices still connected?

I have WINXP and several USB devices are connected. Have been for at least two years. Digital cameraJoystickScannerprintercompact flash card readercamera phoneI usually leave all of them connected... Read More »