Is my cheesecake done?

Answer Of course there are lots of different kinds of cheesecake. I have a recipe where you first cook the crust, then the first layer which is the cream cheese plus other ingredients. At this point it's ... Read More »

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What's better, Junior's cheesecake in BK or The Cheesecake factory?

The Cheesecake Factory of course, they use real ingredients while BK cheesecake is good, but they use "artificial" ingredients. You can taste the difference when sampling both. The Cheesecake Facto... Read More »

Poll: Cherry Cheesecake or Strawberry Cheesecake?

Which do you like better as a dessert - fresh mango cheesecake or fresh blueberry cheesecake?

no thanks to either..I'll just have coffee

If you just had a post and core done how long can you actually wait before having the crown done?

Answer It's usually called a root canal and the post is to strengthen the tooth. The posts are usually used on eye teeth if the person has to wear partials. Once you have the root canal done (or... Read More »