Is my boyfriends sudden headaches a cause for worry?

Answer Could be a tumor. He needs to get a CAT scan.

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Dizziness, Headaches, Feeling "Drunk" or "Drugged" and Sudden Tiredness/Sleepiness. What is going on?

This is so familiar to me. It sounds just like high blood sugar. PLEASE see your doctor and tell him what's been going on. Ask for a complete checkup including a glucose tolerance test, and an HbA1... Read More »

What could be causing these horrible and long there anything to worry about?

You may want to go to the doctor to be on the safe side. It could just be stress causing your hormones to fluctuate. Hormones can trigger migraines. Also, if you've hit your head lately, you could ... Read More »

Can anxiety cause me to worry about a STD?

Anxiety can affect any aspect of your life that you feel uncomfortable or nervous about. For some people it's their health, their family or uncontrollable events like a freak accident or attack. If... Read More »

The Cause of Sudden Breakout on Forehead?

Duramax generally refers to the 6.6L V-8 diesel engines available in Chevrolet and GMC trucks since 2001. The big GM diesel's ability to tow heavy loads reliably and economically has made it a popu... Read More »