Should a Friend Tell a Friend If Their Husband or Wife Is Cheating?

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Should a friend tell a friend if their husband or wife is cheating?

On One Hand: Yes, You ShouldThe main factor to consider when debating whether or not to tell a friend her spouse is cheating is this: If that person finds out later that you knew, what would the re... Read More »

How to Tell a Friend That His or Her Partner Is Cheating?

Friendship is an amazing thing. However, it has its drawbacks. One main characteristic of a true friendship is honesty. All of use, thrive, or even request honesty from our friends , but when we ge... Read More »

Should I tell my friend her spouse is cheating?

On One Hand: He Could Take It Out On YouBy informing a spouse that his significant other has cheated, you could receive the brunt of the emotional backlash--more commonly known as "shooting the mes... Read More »

How to Tell a Friend Their Spouse Is Cheating?

Have you caught a friend's partner cheating and want to tell them?