Is my bite from a fly infected?

Answer It doesn't sound infected. Usually if something is infected, along with swelling and warmth, there will be discharge (pus) and a foul odor. Also, the scab or the puncture mark will be an off-color,... Read More »

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Is my tick bite serious or infected?

There's always a concern with tick bites that it may have been one that carries Lyme Disease. You may just be having an allergic reaction to the bite or it may be infected causing cellulitis which ... Read More »

Can a human bite get infected?

Yes, human bites can cause some of the worst infections. We had a case in the ER in 1997 and we had to give the patient 6 weeks of intravenous vancomycin. Its always a good idea to get an antibioti... Read More »

Is my bite infected Please help Urgent?

Human bites carry more risk than dog bites funnily enough.If there isn't any sign of the skin being broken you should treat it as a bruise but if the skin is broken you may need to seek further hel... Read More »

Can you get infected with HIV if you swallow HIV infected blood?