Is my birth control still working?

Answer Sorry, spotting is completely normal when changing the time you take your pill.However, the way you did it was very smart. However, you should take your pills at the new time for a while (a week or... Read More »

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How long does it take for birth control to start working?

Birth control pills begins working immediately if the user starts her first pill on the first day of her next period. Starting the pack on any other day, however, requires the use of a back-up cont... Read More »

If you get pregnant while on birth control pills will you still show the withdrawal bleeding while on the placebos and would pregnancy symptoms still occur on the pill?

Answer Yes you will still have a period but it may be later and old blood. Yes pregnancy symptoms would still occur.

Is birth control still effective after intercourse?

On One Hand: Proper Use of Oral ContraceptivesOral contraceptives, or birth control pills, must be taken consistently for at least one week before they provide a woman with protection against an un... Read More »

Can you still get pregnant on a low dose birth control pill?

Yes, you can still get pregnant on low dose birth control pills, because no form of birth control pill is completely effective against pregnancy in any dosage. In fact, most pills prescribed for co... Read More »