Is my belly button normal?

Answer If theres white inside its puss you need to push it out and clean it do you clean it 3 times a day? And when you do you clean and take that crust thats around your pirercing. I clean my piercing wi... Read More »

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I am pregnant and was wondering if it was normal for your belly button to shift because my belly button is no longer in the center and I was not sure that was normal has anyone ever had this happen?

When your belly button is no longer anatomically lined in the center it usually has to do w/ mis-alignment in the spine or hips. get your back checked out. Your body adjusts and re- adjusts so much... Read More »

If you are pregnant is it normal for your stomach to be soft above your belly button but hard under your belly button down to your private area?

It would depend upon how far you are into your pregnancy. The uterus will slowly grow in size and that is the hardness that you are feeling. As the uterus grows larger it will move further up into ... Read More »

Is It Normal For My Belly Button Be Bleeding?

This is normal. Once you pierce your belly button, you may experience internal/external bleeding. Since that piercing is there, and you have created a hole in a new area, your period will begin to ... Read More »

Is it normal for your belly button to hurt when you are pregnant?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer I am overdue, and it is VERY normal, my hurts when the baby moves or pushes on me a certain way. otherwise it doesn't hurt. but YES it is normal Answer I'm 35 weeks pregna... Read More »