Is my ankle fractured?

Answer If it were fractured it probably would have swelled and other symptoms such as:Symptoms-If you have a fractured ankle, your symptoms probably will include: • Pain, swelling, tenderness and bruisi... Read More »

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Fractured ankle, 10 pts?

Boots do not immobilize very well. If the doctor needs your ankle to be very immobilized, then the cast is your only option. If you ankle just needs more support and immobilization is not required ... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My Ankle is Broken/Fractured?

Hi Gill, very sory about your ankle. You cannot tell so its back to E.R. for x-ray. Try not to put any weight on it and get someone to drive you if you can, keep it up on a foot stool with a cold c... Read More »

My fractured ankle will i move the same again?

you should be the same, best to ask the doctor though

How do I know if I hairline fractured my ankle?

First off, I am not a doctor. And, as mentioned previously the only way to definitively know if have a fracture is to have an X-Ray taken of the injured area. Sometimes, with hairline fractures,... Read More »