Is my ankle broken or sprained?

Answer If the ankle was broken you wouldnt have been able to even walk on it. You said the pain came after twelve hours, which most probably means you didnt treat the injury the time it happened, and now ... Read More »

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Broken sprained ankle?

You really hould go see a doctor, an ankle injury is never a good thing.BTW you'd get more answers if you posted this in "Injuries", not "Vegetarian and Vegan".

Sprained ankle or can it be broken?

Only an x-ray can tell if it is a sprain or a break.Sprains are usually more painful than a break and can take several weeks to heal up.

Is my ankle sprained or broken?

Its sprained to say the least u need to put ice on it and keep weight off ur ankle if it hurts with no weight on it that means it might possibly be fractured in which case I recommend seeking a med... Read More »

How to Fake a Sprained or Broken Ankle?

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