Is my adult child living at home covered under my auto insurance policy?

Answer Depends on your insurance provider. You'll have to contact your agent or the company through customer service to find out what your insurance policy covers. It'll also be on your policy if you have... Read More »

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How can a parent remove a child from an auto insurance policy after he's turned 18 years old and has moved away from home?

%REPLIES% Answer Just call up your insurance company/agent, and tell them that you request his name to be removed from your policy. They will then issue you a new policy w/ id cards. Answer Some in... Read More »

Who is covered under an auto insurance policy?

The many different types of auto insurance policies provide different types of coverage. In most cases, the vehicle is covered by the policy, regardless of who is driving it.Bodily Injury Liability... Read More »

What is covered in a basic auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance is designed to financially protect the insured in the event of an automobile accident. The most basic auto insurance policies make sure that, if you damage someone else or their prop... Read More »

Do you need your own auto insurance in New Jersey when you only have a permit or are you covered under your parent's policy?

Permit and Insurance in New Jersey Most insurance companies cover a minor with a learners permit under the parents insurance because the minor drives while the parent is present. In the state of CO... Read More »