Is my RAM/RAM slot bad or could it be my graphics chip?

Answer Download MemTest and run it for several hours to rule out a bad RAM stick. If it's the video chip, you can always buy a cheap PCI Express x16 video card

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Can I Put a Pc2700 Memory Chip in a Pc2100 Slot?

Pc 2700 memory chips are distinguished from other ram modules by the numerical value in the name, which indicates the speed which the chip runs. Manufacturers recommend choosing a memory chip valu... Read More »

Can you hook up an agp graphics card if there is no slot?

You can connect an AGP card to a PCI or PCI Express slot using an adapter. However, AGP-to-PCI and AGP-to-PCI Express adapters are difficult to find, and generally not cost-effective compared to si... Read More »

Will an AGP graphics card fit a PCI Express slot?

An accelerated graphics port (AGP) video card will not fit into the PCI Express slot on a computer motherboard; they are two different technologies with slots that are different sizes.Source:PC Buy... Read More »

Will This graphics card fit perfect in a pci express x16 slot?