Is my Nikon D1 a piece of **** just because it has only 2.9 megapixels?

Answer I use 3mp cameras all the time with no problem.I wish I had a 2.9mp Nikon D1.Keep your camera until it breaks.

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How many megapixels for a Nikon D 80?

Yes! Manual focussing is easy and that is a great lens.

How many megapixels does the NIKON N6006 have?

it dosent have a CMOS sensor (like digital camera), therefore you can't determine how many megapixels there are.

How do you use nikon coolpix 12.0 megapixels 2.7 inch LCD?

How many pictures does a Nikon Coolpix take at 8 megapixels?

Sony HRD-XR500V will be the best one you will get it in cheap