Is my Macbook's screen damaged?

Answer If it was damaged, you would see it.For the PC fanboys:This is what we mean when we talk about quality of components. Unlike PC laptops, there is not a flimsy plastic sheet in front of the LCD scre... Read More »

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Can't Finalize Discs (Damaged Screen)?

You need to know the Format of the DVD Disk..Is it a DVD-RIs it a DVD+RNext would be the size of the DVD disk--is it a mini DVD disk..?Does your computer or your DVD Player--accept the mini DVD..?=... Read More »

Can LCD/LED display get damaged if you keep pushing the screen?

Since the glass is only a millimeter or so thick, and there is fluid behind it, I guess you could break the glass, then replace the screen (for $$$$). And then there is the greasy fingerprints issue.

Is it worth trying to fix a water damaged lcd screen?

It's worth it if:1. The lcd screen has no ink blots or bleed areas.2. The extent of the water damage is minimal. If the water was splashed or sprayed(like a beer spray). 3. The extent of the water ... Read More »

Does continuous flashing of LCD screen damaged it?

It shouldn't damage it at all/very much since video phones are meant for playing videos.5-6 hours daily seems a bit excessive though.You could always ask on the sony ericsson site:http://www.sonyer... Read More »