Is my GTX 560m graphics card good?

Answer Yes, the GeForce GTX 560M is very good for a laptop. In mobile/laptop graphics card benchmarks, the GTX 560M is a high-end model, ranked #57 overall. And because your Asus G74SX has a 1600x900 s... Read More »

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What is more important to a gamer for high graphics games a good graphics card or a good processor?

The most important by far is a good graphics card. Granted you need a decent CPU to play cutting-edge games, but your GPU accounts for roughly 75% of gaming performance. You get twice the fps wit... Read More »

If a 1.5 GB Graphics card performs identically to a 3GB Graphics card, why is the 3GB $200 more expensive?

For the same reason that HP charges $120.00 for 8g of ram when configuring a computer on their website. - (Newegg price for 8g - approx $40.00) - If they charge it, sheeple will pay...

How good is this graphics card?

The GTX 650ti is a great card. For around the same price you could get the AMD Radeon HD 7770. It is a better video card.You can get it here: Read More »

Is this Graphics card any good?

it should be good enough but if you want something a lil better you should check this out