Is my FPS reasonable for my setup?

Answer That sounds about right for that setup. BF3 is a demanding game for both the CPU and GPU. To get a better framerate in FRAPS, you're going to need both a faster CPU (assuming you're recording mul... Read More »

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How to Get a Reasonable Rate for a Family Loan?

The kinds of household loans that are often called family loans can be difficult to get for families that have low income, less assets and a less than perfect credit score. Many families rely on cr... Read More »

A reasonable answer why i need a phone?

You don't need a phone. An adolescent doesn't need a phone until they start going to events by themselves. So, join the marching band and go to football games; then you need a phone . . .

What are the reasonable duties of a homeowner?

Read your governing documents to learn more about what is expected of you as a homeowner in your community. Your duties always include paying your assessments, voting on association business and ab... Read More »

What is a reasonable car accident settlement?

Determining an appropriate settlement from a car accident can be difficult and involve many factors. There is no set amount that is acceptable for a car accident settlement, as it depends upon the ... Read More »