Is my FPS reasonable for my setup?

Answer That sounds about right for that setup. BF3 is a demanding game for both the CPU and GPU. To get a better framerate in FRAPS, you're going to need both a faster CPU (assuming you're recording mul... Read More »

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Is it reasonable to vow to never shop at the GAP again . . .?

Yes, I am with you on this one. No longer will I go to the Gap and have sexy young women tell me I look hot in their jeans

Is he being reasonable, or just cheap?

$50 this is nothing. Tell dad this is not 1975 anymore. He's a cheapskate. Maybe he cant afford it right now, but say that.. dont criticize you for wanting to look nice in school. After all, it w... Read More »

What is more reasonable Marajuana or Alchohal?

scientist haven't proved that marijuana causes cancer with substantial evidence unlike tobacco or alcohol but yet they are legal

A reasonable answer why i need a phone?

You don't need a phone. An adolescent doesn't need a phone until they start going to events by themselves. So, join the marching band and go to football games; then you need a phone . . .