Is my Computer Science professor wrong A programming problem in Python or Jython.?

Answer No, your professor is not wrong. I think you've misunderstood the assignment. It's asking you to write a single Python expression, not actually figure out whether x is an odd number.You're given th... Read More »

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Computer Science Programming Projects?

Computer science classes often require programming projects that require a grading period, a semester or the full year to complete. Whatever the scope of your project, devising a programming soluti... Read More »

Do you think that Computer programming is a wonderful vehicle for teaching problem solving, logical and critic?

Is computer programming a job that requires intense problem solving, and non-stop logical thinking?

yes. even when not actually programming you need to be able to problem solve and think logically. reading code can be quite difficult when programs get very large and only thinking logically can yo... Read More »

C programming - Python?

If ord('a')== 97 and you have to get letters between a and z to print out as 0 to 25 just subtract 97. Since ord('z')==122 you'll find that minus 97 it's 25. Then do an if test -- if (x>25) x=x-2... Read More »