Is my CPU accurate or good enough?

Answer It will be fine. An i3 is one of Intel's relatively newer CPU's, they're actually not bad at all.

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Is wikipedia a good place to read and get accurate information?

No. Nooo, nooooooooo noooo noooooooo!Yes, anyone can write on Wikipedia, and it gets published instantly. (It can also get deleted instantly, but deletion doesn't always happen to content that dese... Read More »

What is the cleanest, most accurate way to get good trim lines when painting walls?

I'm not quite sure if you're talking about borders meaning between the ceiling and wall, or if you're talking about stripes. If you're talking about not getting clean lines at the ceiling (a proble... Read More »

Which one is more accurate?

i would say the website is correct. I checked my time and it is the same as the websites. (in eastern time)

Which is more accurate?

wikipedia by far is more accurate than yahoo answersBUT, you don't get results from real people, just facts written down.On yahoo answers, people look for the answer to your specific question