Is my COMPUTER good for gaming what am i missing?

Answer Graphic card would help the most especially in a tight budget. Not sure on the cost but a Also a new processor will be needed since a lot of games now are processor heavy. you want something wit... Read More »

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I want a good computer with good memory for gaming and music etc. but it cant cost too much.. please help!?

Hi Nadia,The criteria you have given for a new PC are really open, since it seems that your not going to be needing it for any high demand applications you don't need to go over board and you can g... Read More »

What's a good computer to buy for gaming?

Try this one below - kind of low prices for the perfect quality - ask for any free upgrades you can get for particular systems. Good luck

Anyone know a good gaming computer?

Build it yourself by ordering it in parts :) cheapest way to get the fastest computer...

Anyone know a good gaming computer for £500?

It may seem scary, but Build your own! I went in knowing nothing about PC building, then watched a few youtube videos, and built myself a BEAST Gaming PC for about 1100 bucks!Well worth it, search ... Read More »