Is my 3-year-old's nose bleeding at night anything to worry about?

Answer On One Hand: It Could Be SeriousChildren, especially during their young exploratory years, are adventurous. Their nosebleed could be attributed to many things, some of which could include a broken ... Read More »

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Hi does annt one know a night club that will let in 12 year olds in Houston?

Night Club?My definition of "night club" might be different than yours but I've never heard ofnight club that lets kids in. Even 18-21 is a rarity. Almost all clubs are 21+ years of agebecause they... Read More »

Is it normal for an 82 year old to lay down and not do anything all day and all night?

Her dementia could be causing all this.However, since she lost her license she could also be depressed.

Who was the puppet on either Sesame Street or the Muppets that had a sword for a nose and would go crazy if somebody said anything like the word nose?