Is my 2.5 year old ready for 3-6 Montessori class?

Answer She does sound advanced for 2.5 using the potty completely independently with no accidents is great! my daughter didn't do that till the week she turned 3, although we probobly could have pushed i... Read More »

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How to Ready Your Five Year Old Daughter for Ballet Class?

Early stepsAs with many of the tasks of daily life, the devils in the details when preparing a young child for ballet class. Not only is there a need to ensure that you have the right gear but you ... Read More »

How to Be Ready for Class in the Morning?

Are you always getting yelled at by your teacher because you keep saying "Oh, I left something in my locker. Can I go get it?" If so, or you just want to be more organized, this is the article for ... Read More »

How to Get Ready for a Ballet Class?

Ballet is very fun, but it requires responsibility. Make sure you do these things to prepare for your ballet class.

Is Montessori preschool a good option for 3 year old little boys?

It's a good thing that he wants to see his mom. It means his mom is a good mother.When a child says that to me, I say something like, "Yes. She's a really nice lady. What would you do if you wer... Read More »