Is my 2 year old smart or just precocious?

Answer Neither. I work in a daycare and we have 18 month children who know their body parts. Know may words speak in simple sentances. Also your daughter may be able to recite her number 1-10 but does she... Read More »

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Is it normal for a smart 10 year old to get a job?

If you are a smart ten year old and making sure that you are saving for your future, then yes. Just make sure that you have plenty of time to enjoy your childhood.My hubby started working at 13 and... Read More »

What is Primary Precocious Puberty?

Sexual development before the age of eight in girls, and age 10 in boys.

Who especializes in treatment for precocious adrenarche?

Would a 2 year android smart phone be particularly unstable?

Well yes. Two years IS old for a smartphone. I recommend that you replace it cause it's really surprising how much Android phones have gone forward. The new ones are much more stable and a lot less... Read More »