Is my 11 year old sister to young for youtube?

Answer she'll probly be fine as long as you check up on her a few times because i recently learned that you go in these chatroom things and talk to people all over the world uncencored and all that. kinda... Read More »

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If a 17-year-old impregnates a 14-year-old and the parents plan to press charges will the young man definitely go to prison?

Answer No.No one can predict the outcome of such a case, regardless of what that person might claim.There is no way to determine if the young man would be charged with a crime because the parents ... Read More »

21 year old girl sharing a bed with a 16 year old girl family member is this wrong as her 13 year old sister is also in the same room?

If the bed is being shared for sleeping there is nothing wrong. Not every family has the space and/or money to provide single beds and/or rooms for everyone. Years ago it was common for for three t... Read More »

What is the name of the 1960's TV show with a young man who looked after his younger sister and he drove a food truck?

Good memory! his name was HANK , and he was a drop-in or ( easy rider- nonpayment of tuition) College student at some unnamed Western University. The food truck job had him a familiar sight on camp... Read More »

Can you obtain temporary custody of your 4-year-old niece from your sister your niece's father is in jail and your sister is neglecting your niece and has no home no job she is dangering her well bein?

Answer Probably, it depends on the state. The best chance would be to convince the father that the child is being neglected - if he signed a waiver agreeing to custody to you then it would aid in ... Read More »