Is mutton and goat same?

Answer No they are not the same. Mutton is meat from a sheep older than a year. As opposed to lamb which is a sheep less than a year old (more tender than mutton). Goat meat is from goats. However, they d... Read More »

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Is mutton(goat) biryani fatty?

this is question for indians not lebanese anyway it has meat and rice so it's a good meal and if u exercise u wont put on so much weight

There is a car behind 1 of 3 doors and a goat behind each of the other 2 you point to one and open another that is a goat. do you stick with the door you have or change to win the car?

Yes at least 7-8 times.5 of them with the lasers and censors,2-3 times with the rings and water pistols.9 according to wiki

Goat Health: How to Graft a Baby Goat?

Grafting a baby goat is the process of getting a lactating goat to accept and nurse another goat's kid as her own. The most common reasons for needing to graft a goat baby include the death of a mo... Read More »

What is mutton tallow?

Mutton tallow is rendered fat from a mature sheep. Rendered fat is fat that has been melted down.SuetMutton tallow is actually made specifically from suet. Suet is the fat that is removed from arou... Read More »