Is music downloading legal?

Answer Peer-to-peer software programs have been ruled legal because they can be used to share legal files. Downloading music that you do not own or have the rights to use or copy is illegal.Source:Take It... Read More »

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What is best LEGAL music downloading site (cheap, yet legal).?

Is downloading music legal?

Downloading music is illegal unless the copyright holder of the music has given permission for free sharing of the music; most popular music heard on the radio is illegal to download for free.Sourc... Read More »

Legal Vs. Illegal Music Downloading?

In the digital world, sometimes it can be difficult to understand the legality of downloading music. Educating yourself about the many ways in which music is distributed will keep your MP3 player ... Read More »

Is downloading music from LimeWire legal?

Downloading music using the Limewire file-sharing program is not legal unless the creator of the music has given permission for free distribution of the music; the majority of popular music is ille... Read More »