Is multiple defragging an XP harddrive worth the time?

Answer The best thing to do would be to run defrag in safe mode. The red left over are files that are in use and cannot be moved. If you are in safe mode, there are no programs running and a defrag will... Read More »

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Can I clone my harddrive onto an external harddrive?

You can use Norton Ghost (NOT free, although does have a trial) to clone drives, bit-for-bit...Trial:…Full: can also try one ... Read More »

Can I add a second harddrive without erasing or affecting the first harddrive?

yes it is posible just add the other hardrive ok but the hardrive has to be second slave not master slave ok

Does Defragging your computer really help?

Good answers here! Defragging is like cleaning your closet. The better organized it is, the quicker you find what ya wanna wear, and you can store things more efficently. Same thing.... Regardless ... Read More »

Defragging your pc/laptop?

It sort of tidies up your files and stuff. A bit like housekeeping. Your computer should go a little quicker after defragging. Click on start and then click on search, and search for defrag. Yo... Read More »