Is moving a printer afew inches to the side damaging to it?

Answer If he is worried that MOVING a printer is going to damage it, then he is overly concerned about his printers.A printer spends a lot of time in a box, getting jarred around all over the place when i... Read More »

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I can only hear 1 side of the earphones the other side i keep moving the cable until i hear it.?

Sorry you'll have to buy new ones, the copper wires have broken, you'll need new ones.

What is the cubic feet of a refrigerator 28 inches wide 60 inches high and 27 inches deep?

I'm moving the TV/sat to the other side of the room but the extension cable i got don't work it any ideas?

buy some cable and get RG-6 not RG-51 i ddi that when i moved my tv RG 51 is not the best cable to get for a satelitei had to get RG-6 it is much thicker

How many inches is a sheet of regular computer printer paper?