Is morse code being used in any kind of communication today?

Answer Ham Radio operators are the biggest remaining users of Morse code. Also, many radio beacons and repeaters use Morse to ID themselves.I became a ham radio operator back in 1963 at the age of 13. T... Read More »

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How are microscopes being used today?

Microscopes are essential tools for a wide range of scientific research, from cell biology to nuclear physics. In addition, microscopes are used by law enforcement agents to examine forensic eviden... Read More »

Is solar energy being used today?

Yes, solar energy is used today. Solar energy is used to heat water and produce electricity. Solar energy can be converted into electricity with photovoltaic (PV) devices or by concentrating the en... Read More »

How to Learn Morse Code?

The Morse Code was developed by Samuel F.B. Morse in 1844. Even after more than 160 years, it is still used today, especially by amateur radio operators. The code can be sent quickly over the teleg... Read More »

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