Is montmorillonite good for building a house with a basement?

Answer On One Hand: Not Good For Building a House With a BasementMontmorillonite is a clay formed from volcanic ash. When mixed with water, it expands to multiple times it's original volume. When it dries... Read More »

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Besides using a dehumidifier, how can I get rid of the musty basement smell in my house/basement?

1) check for dampness. soaked walls/flooring maybe collecting molds thus the smell;2) if there is dampness, find a waterproofing paint to seal them. the kind that sticks even when wet. remember to ... Read More »

My new neighbour is building something under his house.. it is illegal building work - what to do?

You're an architect.You see a hazard that others may be unable to recognize.Report it. - Ethically, You have no choice.

Unique Ideas for Building a Bar in a Basement?

A basement bar is a great place to entertain friends or simply to relax when with cocktail after a long day. When choosing a design idea, think about the primary use of your bar; uses range from a ... Read More »

If we were building a junk house what material could you come up with?

Tires. stack them up and fill them with dirt. Also, old deck lumber.