Is modem required for internet connection?

Answer yes

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How to Set Up an Internet Connection Via a Modem?

Accessing the Internet on your computer is not just a matter of plugging in the cable and opening the browser. If you are connecting your modem for the first time, you need to set up the Internet c... Read More »

Do I need a modem in a computer to install a DSL Internet connection?

You do not need an internal modem to install DSL service. You need an external modem, also known as a DSL transceiver or router, which is sometimes offered free when you purchase DSL service packag... Read More »

How do I make Nokia 6600 a modem for an Internet connection?

Establishing ServiceContact a service provider for cellular service. Use your current provider or one that has data plans in your area. Sign up for a new data plan. You will need a credit card and ... Read More »

Do I actually need a home phone if I have a cable modem for my internet connection?

for most of the time the answer is : you do not need a land line for your house if you are happy with your cell can also get a Voice Over IP telephone line connected to your cable modem t... Read More »