Is modem required for internet connection?

Answer yes

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How to Set Up an Internet Connection Via a Modem?

Accessing the Internet on your computer is not just a matter of plugging in the cable and opening the browser. If you are connecting your modem for the first time, you need to set up the Internet c... Read More »

Do I need a modem in a computer to install a DSL Internet connection?

You do not need an internal modem to install DSL service. You need an external modem, also known as a DSL transceiver or router, which is sometimes offered free when you purchase DSL service packag... Read More »

How do I make Nokia 6600 a modem for an Internet connection?

Establishing ServiceContact a service provider for cellular service. Use your current provider or one that has data plans in your area. Sign up for a new data plan. You will need a credit card and ... Read More »

Why did my modem/router's firewall suddenly prevent my internet connection entirely?

It's possible your firewall was 'protecting' you from some 'port scanner' or 'DNS attack' .. although it seems more likley it just 'got upset' about something (i.e. some sort of 'bug' in the firew... Read More »