Is modal logic useful to a linguist?

Answer On One Hand: Modal Logic Would HelpLinguistics is the study of the basic components of language, such as phonetics, morphology and grammar. It has traditionally been linked with classic logic to he... Read More »

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How to Get Black Permanent Marker Out of Modal Cotton?

While it might be called permanent marker, if you get black marker onto modal cotton it is possible to get the ink out. Of course, the sooner you begin pulling at the ink the better the chance you'... Read More »

How to Practice Writing With Modal Verbs?

Modal verbs act differently than other verbs in English. They do not take the letter "s" at their ends in the third person singular in the present tense. The word "not" is placed before them to for... Read More »

How to Show Non-Modal Forms in Visual Basic?

Visual Basic allows for two types of forms -- modal or modeless. A user has to close a modal form in order to be able to continue using an application. A modeless form, on the other hand, allows th... Read More »

Linguist Grants?

A linguist is a scientific researcher who studies languages. Subdivisions of the field include the study of how languages were formed, the origin of words and how sounds are made and perceived by o... Read More »