Is miracle grow safe for vegetable garden?

Answer yes and no. depends on how you look at it. think about it.

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How to Use Miracle Grow Vegetable Soil in a Container?

Nurturing your own growing vegetables is a rewarding endeavor. It's a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, witness and participate in the wonder of nature, and as a bonus, enjoy ... Read More »

Why should one grow a vegetable garden?

Planting a vegetable garden has other benefits besides being a pleasurable hobby. You can save money, eat well, exercise and relax through gardening.Save MoneyWhen you plant a vegetable garden, you... Read More »

Is Preen safe as a vegetable garden fertilizer?

Preen is not a fertilizer. It only prevents seeds from sprouting. It prevents your vegetable seeds as well as the weed seeds it is intended to target. They sell an organic variety that is specifica... Read More »

Is it safe to plant a vegetable garden over an old parking lot?

If it has asphalt, or other oil-based products on the soil, you would want to clean that up. Check with your local agricultural unit to see if soil testing is available.