Is milk more likely to cause urination than water?

Answer It is certainly not advisable to give benadryl daily to make a child sleep.

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Are males more likely than females to get heart disease?

According to the National Institutes of Health, men are more likely to get heart disease in their 40s than women. However, the risk for women becomes nearly equal as they get older and reach menopa... Read More »

Which of these two are more likely than the other in the Philippines?

2 is the main reason. We moved here from the states because my dad retired and he hated the states( he never really lived there mainly on islands to begin with like hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, all o... Read More »

Are girls more likely to graduate from high school than boys?

On One Hand: Girls Drop Out at an Alarming RateNearly one in four girls reportedly drop out of high school before earning their degrees. This number increases when factors such as ethnicity and rac... Read More »

What Is the Most Likely Cause of a Percolator's Failure to Pump Water?

A percolator is used to make coffee, using a pump system that brings hot water up from inside the carafe and disperses it over the coffee grinds, which sit in a basket at the top. Percolate means t... Read More »