Is mil-Amp match critical for Canon NB4L battery?

Answer You don't. If you do format it you will delete everything on it, including your pictures.I am assuming you have a USB-memory with pictures from a camera? If this is the case the pictures are saved ... Read More »

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Will a canon battery grip BGE2 fit and work on a canon 40D?

Yes, the BG-E2 battery grip will work on the Canon 40D, 20D, and 30D. It has been replaced by the BE-E2N, which supposedly has better sealing around the battery compartment.

How to Match DC Motors With a Battery?

DC motors can be used for a number of different projects. Using the right motor with the right battery combination is very important. Using a motor that is too small for the battery will shorten th... Read More »

Will a canon battery grip BGE2 fit a canon 7d?

Yes, with a hammer .. but no warranty it'll work after the operation.. :-)

Battery for a Canon GL1?

The bigger Canon battery or clone is in the range of 4500mAh ~ $24.00 for a clone, ~$150 for the Canon battery.There are aftermarket external batteries tha plug into the 5.0 volt jack forward of th... Read More »