Is microwaving food safe?

Answer On One Hand: Used Safely by MillionsMicrowave ovens are used in more than nine out of 10 homes in the United States, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The appliance is quick and c... Read More »

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Will microwaving kill food bacteria?

Microwaving will only kill certain types of bacteria, like the ones that are killed off at higher temperatures but it's not a safe method when food is mishandled. If in doubt, throw it out. I wo... Read More »

Are there dangers of microwaving in styrofoam?

On One Hand: The FDA Tests ContainersThe Federal Drug Administration (FDA) tests Styrofoam food containers to ensure they don't leech unsafe levels of chemicals into foods when cooked in a microwav... Read More »

How do I juice a lemon by microwaving?

Set a lemon onto a microwave safe plate, and heat it for 25 seconds. Allow the lemon to sit in the microwave for one minute after it's done heating. This process will allow the lemon to release mor... Read More »

Can you get pregnant by microwaving milk?