Is microwave cooking healthy?

Answer On One Hand: Nutritionally NormalAccording to Harvard Medical School, cooking foods in a microwave oven does not destroy the nutrients to a larger degree than regular cooking. Heat in general is wh... Read More »

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For healthy cooking which type of microwave ovens are good?

Microwaves steam food provided you add liquid or the food contains liquid. I love my microwave for poaching fish and steaming vegetables. You can also poach chicken in it, but go a few seconds ove... Read More »

How to Convert Regular Oven Cooking Time to Microwave Cooking Time?

When you want to cook a dish in the microwave and you only have directions for cooking it in the oven, you will need to convert the regular oven cooking time to microwave cooking time. A device in ... Read More »

Is microwave cooking safe?

On One Hand: Microwaves No Worse Than Other Cooking MethodsAccording to the Centre For Food Safety in Hong Kong, there is no evidence that microwave cooking increases the risk of potential carcinog... Read More »

How to Adapt Conventional Recipes for Microwave Cooking?

If you'd like to try recipes for a conventional oven or stovetop in the microwave instead, here are some suggestions for the things you'll need to bear in mind.