Is methylparaben bad?

Answer On One Hand: Methylparaben is Considered SafeThe Food and Drug Administration does not currently consider methylparaben to be unsafe for use in cosmetic products. Methylparaben is used in cosmetics... Read More »

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Why Is Methylparaben in Shampoo?

According to, methylparaben is a preservative found in most shampoos, face creams and even toothpaste, and is typically at the bottom of the ingredients list found on the back... Read More »

Is methylparaben edible?

The Food and Drug Administration has found that consuming methylparaben isn't harmful to humans. Methylparaben is added to food and cosmetics to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. Some food... Read More »

What is methylparaben propylparaben?

Methylparaben propylparaben is a preservative used primarily in cosmetics but also in foods and drugs. It is used to prohibit the growth of microorganisms in cosmetics, particularly water-based cos... Read More »

Is methylparaben safe?

On One Hand: Considered a Safe ChemicalAccording to OSHA, methylparaben is a chemical that is commonly used in cosmetics, foods, and beverages. Its function is to keep microorganisms such as bacte... Read More »

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