Is merry maids worth the money?

Answer On One Hand: It Makes Life EasierMerry Maids is worth the money because, as opposed to your just hiring a housekeeper or independent cleaning person, the company takes care of all the federal and s... Read More »

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Do anyone know where merry maids gets there cleaning rags?

The best cleaning rags are microfiber cloths. The cleaning staff on the stage set for "Jeopardy" use them....and if you've ever watched "Jeopardy", you'll see that everything shines and sparkles l... Read More »

How much do Merry Maids earn per week?

As of November 2009, Merry Maids make between $8.00 to $12.00 an hour, or $320.00 to $480.00 a week.Source:Career Builder

How much is fifty pounds of Egyptian money worth in American money?

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Is sky TV worth the money?

Never thought that it would be, however I do find myself watching it more and more. We are hooked on Discovery and I find myself watching things I never thought - 'How do they make that?' 'Myth Bu... Read More »