Is mercury a liquid?

Answer Yes, mercury is a liquid and is the only common metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures. It rarely occurs free in nature and is abstracted from the ore cinnabar by heating the ore and condens... Read More »

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How much does liquid mercury weigh?

The atomic weight of liquid mercury is 200.59. Atomic weight is the weight of atoms of an element. The weight is calculated by taking the average mass of atoms of an element, mercury in this case, ... Read More »

Can liquid mercury be put into the tip of a lead bullet?

When pure liquid mercury is mixed with lead, an amalgam forms on contact. This new mixture causes the lead to soften to the point where the bullet leaves a jacket in the barrel. Mercury fulminate i... Read More »

How to Locate Liquid Mercury in the Home?

Mercury is naturally found in rocks and soils; it's a liquid metal with a shiny and silvery appearance. Exposure to mercury in large doses can be highly toxic to the nervous system and kidneys, wit... Read More »

At what temperature does mercury turn from a liquid to a solid?

The liquid metal mercury will freeze and become a solid at -38.02 degrees Fahrenheit. This was discovered in 1759 by Professor Braune of St Petersburg, helping to convince the rest of the scientifi... Read More »