Is memory foam worth it?

Answer On One Hand: High Quality Memory FoamHigh quality memory foam can be worth the money because it contours to your body when heat and pressure are applied. The contouring can make sleeping more comfo... Read More »

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Are memory foam mattresses worth it?

On One Hand: Memory Foam Offers Good SupportMemory foam mattresses are made of a material called visco-elastic polyurethane. It is an opened cell foam that does not bounce back to its original form... Read More »

Are memory foam mattress toppers worth the money?

On One Hand: Many People Love Memory Foam ToppersFor many people with persistent back issues, memory foam toppers have proved to be an excellent means of getting a better night's sleep. Less expens... Read More »

I just purchased a gel memory foam pad. Can I use a heated mattress pad with the gel memory foam pad?

contact the maker of the gel memory pad. The heat may damage it!!

How do I cut memory foam?

Mark the LinesUse a permanent marker to mark cutting lines on the piece of memory foam. Place the foam on the floor or other flat surface to make accurate measurements. Be sure the piece is square... Read More »