Is medicare supplement insurance tax deductible?

Answer The Supplemental Medicare Insurance (which is part of a program referred to as Medigap Insurance) is a tax-deductible expense. That is true of all 12 of the various supplemental insurance packages ... Read More »

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Can you use hra funds for medicare supplement insurance?

HRA funds cannot be used to purchase insurance, as they are disbursed only to cover qualifying non-reimbursed medical expenses. However, under HRA, any premiums paid out-of-pocket to a medicare pro... Read More »

Is Medicare supplemental insurance deductible?

No matter what type of Medicare supplemental insurance you use, you can claim it as an itemized, deductible medical expense when filing your taxes. The premium you pay on the insurance each month i... Read More »

Medicare Supplement Definition?

Medicare is a comprehensive health care program offered to the elderly and disabled in the United States. It is administered by the federal government, and most find it affordable. However, there a... Read More »

What is a Medicare supplement?

Medicare is a free U.S. federal government-provided form of health-care coverage given to individuals 65 years of age or older and those who are disabled. A Medicare supplement is a type of additio... Read More »