Is medical insurance tax deductible for the self-employed?

Answer Medical insurance premiums are tax deductible for the self-employed. However, self-employed individuals are required to pay self-employment tax and income tax. Health care premiums fall under self-... Read More »

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For some one who worked overseas and returning as unemployed or self employed what real service oriented medical insurance do you recommend?

Although we cannot recommend specific insurance companies, we recommend you contact your state's insurance commission to learn of approved companies. The fallout of the current Congressional action... Read More »

Is a MBA education tax deductible for the self employed?

The IRS states that self-employed people can deduct business-related education expenses from their income, reducing taxable income. Self-employed people can also take advantage of the education cre... Read More »

Health insurance for the self-employed?

Damn! My sympathy. And folks wonder why the Health Insurance Companies are making money? This needs fixing...and fast.

How to Get Health Insurance If Self-Employed in Indiana?

Health insurance is a necessity, but when you are self-employed in Indiana, you have to search a little harder. You are not eligible for traditional group insurance as and individual, so you cannot... Read More »